Brilliant Benefits of Fireplace Gas Log Sets

If your home is equipped with a working wood-burning fireplace, you’re probably familiar with the routine required to enjoy the benefits of it. First off, suitable wood must be cut, stacked and stored and then regularly replenished when used up during fire-burning season. This is an ongoing expense, even if you do this part yourself, with a great deal of labor involved. If you hire someone to provide your firewood, the labor requirements are reduced but the expense factor increases significantly. To make matters worse, each year the price of firewood rises steadily.

Next is the time and trouble required to lay and start a wood fire, feeding in more fuel as the wood burns, and then cleaning out the firebox when it becomes full of ash. The chimney must also be maintained regularly from creosote buildup to prevent a dangerous chimney fire. Even with all this effort, a conventional fireplace may do little to supplement your home’s heating, as a large portion of the heat created simply escapes up the flue.

All The Benefits, None of the Bother

Gas log sets, on the other hand, provide the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace but without all the bother, and usually at less expense. Made to burn either natural or LP gas, these realistic-looking log sets provide instant heat and fireplace ambiance at the click of a button or the flip of a switch. Some are even thermostat-controlled, and can be set to automatically activate when room temperature reaches a certain level. Some of the better-known American manufacturers of quality gas log sets include:

  • RH Perterson
  • White Mountain Hearth
  • Everwarm
  • Monessen

Types of Gas Log Systems

There are vented gas log sets, vent-free gas log sets, and dual/see-through/ multi-sided log sets with burners. Vented models are installed in a traditional wood-burning fireplace with a working flue vent and, while capable of producing a limited amount of supplemental heat, are designed primarily for their decorative effects.

Non-vented units can also be used in conventional fireplace enclosures, with the damper closed, or in an approved, non-vented firebox enclosure. They are classified as a supplemental heating appliance and will produce far more useable heat than the vented type.

Gas log sets look and feel very much like the real thing, but their convenience and functionality make them a better and greener alternative to burning wood. Logs come in a variety of sizes, from 16-30″, with the look of many different styles and types of wood, including:

  • Oak – Charred, aged, charred red, charred split, forest, American, Royal English, rustic, golden, split, rugged split, Palmetto and valley.
  • Other Woods – Birch, mountain birch, Morgan Creek, Rock Creek, sassafras, Ponderosa, Western Campfyre and coastal driftwood.

Gas Log Set Accessories

Gas log sets normally come with the burner included and, depending on the system, will produce between 9,500 and 36,000 BTUs. Ignition options include manual “match light,” although most units employ a pilot light/push button ignition system. Wall switches, remotes and thermostat-activated ignition options are also available. Decorative kits including pine cones, acorns, simulated ash and embers and even crackling sound effects can also be added. Browse through our impressive selection of gas log sets in the Total Home Supply online store.

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