Differences in Air Conditioning Units

With a wealth of information out there surrounding the various air conditioning units, a plethora of options and unique advantages and disadvantages to each, we at Total Home Supply (link) want to help equip you with all the knowledge surrounding A/C units in one place. We are your total air conditioner source, and if you have any questions or want further information regarding any of our various air conditioners, give us a call at 877-THS-0050 (or, 877-847-0050).

Window Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners are AC units that lodge in your window, and work to cool the individual room. The controls of window A/C units are located on the unit interior, so you can control it from the room. Many have remote controls. These units are used for cooling air, and can be easily installed and removed between the seasons; which is one of their biggest advantages. These can help save money because you can opt to only operate the window AC units in select rooms at select times, saving on electricity. Note: the window AC unit expels the hot air drawn from the room into the outside environment.
Award: Best Overall A/C Unit for Cooling

Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini Split, Ductless Air Conditioners are geared toward those homes looking for both a heating and cooling capable air conditioner, but can’t install a central AC system because of infrastructure or price. These are also called ‘split ductless air conditioning units’ because they can provide air conditioning to a few rooms without knocking down walls to install ductwork needed for central AC. These are great for saving money, because you can elect to cool or heat zones of your home like possible with Window Air Conditioners. Note: these are the best alternatives to central AC when central AC is not an option, but central AC makes more sense when replacing an existing central system.
Award: Questest A/C Unit

Through the Wall Air Conditioners

Through the Wall Air Conditioners look a bit more professional than window AC units, and are another viable option for homes or buildings looking for air conditioning solutions when central AC is not a choice. These should be installed through the wall. Note: because installation cost are more intensive than window AC units, these are considered a more permanent air conditioning option.
Award: Easiest to Replace AC Unit

Slider / Casement Window Air Conditioners

Slider / Casement Window Air Conditioners are really similar to Window AC units, as they install in a window area. The advantage to this particular type of unit is their ability to work with obscure window shapes, specifically casement or slider windows. Though their versatility is a huge perk, these slider window AC units require a bit more work to install than the window air conditioners.
Award: Most Flexible Cooling Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners

Buy a portable air conditioner if you’re looking for an easy, convenient, no hassle cooling unit for your home. You can help save money on electric bills by merely moving the portable AC unit about your home, into the rooms where you are looking for some AC relief. Note: Portable AC still need to exhaust outside and are not very efficient. They should only be used as a last resort if no other solution is available.
Award: Most Mobile AC Unit
There’s much more to learn about air conditioning units, and many more aspects to keep in mind when buying. You’ll want to think about budget, the noise level generated by the units, heating/cooling capacity, size and power of the AC unit and much more. Once again, if you need advice about which type of air conditioning unit is right for you, visit the AC experts at Total Home Supply!

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