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What Are SEER & EER Ratings? An Energy Efficient AC Guide

What Are EER & SEER Ratings?

If you skim through any AC listing, you’ll notice something called a SEER rating or EER rating. Sometimes, you’ll notice both. These numbers can play a big role in the AC shopping process.

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But what are SEER ratings, exactly? What do they mean? What is an EER rating and how is it different? Both of these ratings are crucial to choosing an AC, but there are some key differences between them that are important to know before you purchase a new unit. We’ll talk about what these ratings mean and how to determine which air conditioning efficiency rating is right for your home.

Ductless Mini Split AC Line Sets: Which One Do I Need?

A Guide to HVAC Mini Split Line Sets
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We’ve written quite a bit about the various air conditioning systems available for purchase at Total Home Supply, including a guide to understanding BTU ratings, understanding energy efficiency and SEER/EER ratings, how to select the right multi-zone mini split system for your home, and a roundup of our favorite 2016 AC units. In addition to offering high-quality cooling products, we also carry a selection of air conditioner parts & accessories to aid in both installation and system repair. Some common questions we receive from customers have to do with AC line sets for ductless mini-splits; specifically, which line set do I need? And how do I choose the right one? The answer is easier than you think.

The Benefits of Owning a LG PTAC



Is it hot enough out there for you? Maybe even too hot? We’ve got good news – LG’s innovative PTAC heating/cooling units provide optimum comfort even on the most brutal summer days. LG PTAC personal comfort systems are a popular choice in hotels for how each unit works quietly, effectively, and at incredibly low energy costs. For professional-level cooling in the comfort of your own home, LG PTACs are suitable for use in assisted living facilities, apartments, and sunrooms, as well.

LG works with tens of thousands of engineers to make sure every one of their products is top-of-the-line, and these PTACs are no exception. From convenience to comfort to cost-effectiveness, here are just some of the major benefits to owning your very own LG PTAC:



High Efficiency at a Low Cost

LG PTACs are priced reasonably to begin with, as to allow everyone from the average consumer to large hotel chains the ability to afford these terrific units. The savings only continue once these units are purchased, as high efficiency ratings work to cool your room at much lower costs. LG PTACs boast an energy efficiency rating of up to 13.3 EER, which is higher than any other PTAC currently on the market. Additionally, these units feature an easy-to-read temperature display to keep track of cooling power, as well as four comfort sensors to efficiently control room temperature and further energy savings.


Cooling You Can Feel, But Don’t Have to Hear

In addition to being among the most cost effective units on the market, LG PTACs are also among the most silent when in use. These units operate at as low as 43 decibels, allowing you to leave the unit on throughout the day and overnight without any disruptive noise. This super quiet operation is due in large part to LG’s special BLDC motor, which provides precise control while reducing electrical and mechanical sound. Compare this to traditional AC motors, which are not only noisier but also less efficient, and it is not hard to see why LG’s pristine engineering is the envy of the competition.


Easy Maintenance

In addition to being highly efficient, cost effective, and unbelievably quiet, LG PTACs are easy to maintain and built to last. Every unit comes standard with the Gold Finplating anti-corrosion on the condenser coils, which helps protect against corrosion and damage to the interior of the unit that can impede airflow and reduce efficiency. A washable filter is accessible from the front of the unit, while a high-quality mesh filter is easily removable and can be found behind the specially designed ventilation door.



An entire selection of LG PTACs is now available for purchase at If you have any further questions regarding our selection of LG PTACs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our sales representatives.