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How to Grill a Thanksgiving Turkey

How to cook a turkey… THAT is the question. At least, the question on the minds of hundreds of thousands of Americans right now, as we quickly near the holiday season. From first-time Thanksgiving hosts to seasoned chefs simply looking for a new recipe, the search is on for new and delicious turkey techniques.

Most of the recipes you’ll stumble upon first will give you directions for a traditional-style, oven-cooked turkey. Some may even tell you to try and deep-fry your turkey, though we must warn you that such attempts are not always the most successful.

But there is another way, and it comes highly recommended by all of us at Total Home Supply: Why not try your hand at grilling your turkey this year?

A Crash Course in Charcoal Grills

Grilling is a huge passion among our Total Home Supply staff. From sharing our recipes and grilling tips with our followers to offering our consumers a wide range of outdoor grills and accessories on our website, we certainly equate summer with night after night of deliciously grilled foods. Among our selection of grills is a terrific line of Primo charcoal grills and their many accessories, which are popular items for the way charcoal grills offer folks a more authentic grilling experience and naturally give food all that smokey flavor we have come to know and love about BBQ season. Grilling with charcoal is very different than working with a gas grill, however, and is a skill many people need to learn before they can properly execute a well cooked meal. This week’s topic is a crash course in charcoal grilling, a step-by-step how-to guide to get you started with your very own charcoal grill.