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A DIY Guide to Green Cleaning


It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring – finally! Have you started your spring cleaning yet? It’s time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and sunshine, and get sweeping, organizing, and polishing. Total-home cleaning can feel like a huge process (The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking offers a terrific checklist for help with organizing all of your spring cleaning tasks), and with so much to do already, it is no surprise that many people seldom stop to think about what is actually in the cleaning products they use, and how most of it is extremely unhealthy.

You know that headache you get after handling some cleaning products for a few hours, even a few minutes? Yeah, that’s not a good sign. You’ll even notice a lot of products on store shelves in response to the growing demand for greener cleaning products, but beware: some green cleaning products aren’t as eco as they say they are.

The best way to clean your home while also protecting your health, is to make your very own cleaning products. These simple, all-natural, non-toxic recipes should take care of most of your cleaning needs, and are super easy to make with ordinary ingredients you most likely already have around the house.