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5 Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces are an Awesome Choice for Your Home

Dimplex Belvedere Electric FireplaceSummer was a blast but with October here, the cold air of winter is fast approaching. In preparation for the upcoming winter months, Total Home Supply has just added a whole new line of electric fireplace units by Dimplex. Now, we understand that the mention of an “electric” fireplace can conjure up some skepticism as to how convincing, effective, or aesthetically pleasing an electric flame can actually be, particularly for the pyros among us who enjoy themselves a good, real burning fire. We are writing this post this week as to say, “Not to fear, homeowners/prospective consumers!” there are many great benefits to opting for an electric fireplace unit instead, and many reasons why any one of Dimplex’s fireboxes, fireplace/mantel packages, or fireplace stoves offered on our website can be an awesome choice for your home.