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How To Make a DIY Trellis for New Plants

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How is everyone enjoying this gorgeous spring weather? We’re personally ecstatic over these 70-degree temps here at Total Home Supply, and are getting increasingly excited thinking about all of the awesome gardening projects we have planned for this year.

About a month ago, we wrote a how-to guide to planting new seeds. Inspired, I went ahead and planted seeds of my own. I’ve been having pretty decent luck with my little vegetable and flower plants, but none have been more ambitious than my snap peas. My snap pea stalks began to shoot up out of the ground within the first week of being planted and have been growing fast ever since! Of course, the stalks are very thin right now and not strong enough to keep themselves upright, so when they reach a certain height they start to “droop” over.

At first, I tried to remedy the drooping by tying the stalks to wooden chopsticks with twisty-ties (the ones that come on bags of bread). This idea worked for a little while, but when the stalks started to outgrow the chopsticks, I knew it was time to try something else. I took a trip to the hardware store for inspiration, and came up with this super simple DIY trellis idea. The whole thing took less than 20 minutes to put together, and all of the materials cost less than $10.

Here’s how to do it:


15 Unique (and Easy) DIY Planter Ideas

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We’re all about gearing up for spring here at Total Home Supply, and are especially excited to get back to gardening. Though it’s still too early in the season to begin planting outdoors, now is a great time to get going on projects that will really have your garden ready by mid-May. Last week, we talked about seeds — what to plant and how to do it. This week, we’re all about cool and creative DIY planters.

Terra cotta pots and traditional flower beds are great and convenient, but don’t your gorgeous plants deserve a display worthy of their own unique beauty? Here are 15 of our favorite unique (and easy) DIY planter ideas from around the web.


Happy Spring! Time to Plant Your Seeds

Photo Credit: Filipe Varela

Photo Credit: Filipe Varela

Happy Spring, everyone! With the snow (mostly) all melted and the temperatures inching their way above freezing, we at Total Home Supply are getting ready to garden. It’s just so great to be able to walk outside and smell the earth again, and we can’t wait to get down in the dirt and plant some new flowers and vegetables.

But not so fast — new plants shouldn’t go in the ground until at least May 15th. If your green thumb is itching now, though, don’t worry; the end of March/beginning of April is an ideal time to plant your seeds and get your garden started indoors!

Seeds are what we’re really looking to plant at this time of year, because the more of a head start they get inside, the better chance they have of surviving outdoors. Whether you have any seeds you saved from last year (tomato and marigold seeds, for example, are easy to extract and save) or are working with packaged seeds only, you’re going to want to get them started as soon as possible. So, let’s get to it!


Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Yard

It’s the middle of summer – all of the flowers are in bloom and you’ve been able to spend many days and nights so far enjoying the outdoors. While spending so much time in the yard is always a great thing, our perfectionism can often get the better of us, and we begin picking out all the things about our yard that can be improved on.

“Next year,” we think, “Next year I will finally get around to hiring a contractor or landscaper to get started on [project X], [project Y], and maybe even [project Z].” But why wait, and why not start projects X, Y, and Z on your own? There’s still half of the summer left to go, and now is just as good a time as any for some good old-fashioned home improvement.

We at Total Home Supply love a good Do-It-Yourself project, and think that any homeowner, regardless of DIY experience or skill level, should be able to fix up their own homes safely, easily, and at a low cost. Here are four of our favorite ideas to give the outside of your home a little face-lift – four quick and easy DIY projects to upgrade your yard.