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Cleaning & Maintaining a Vented Gas Heater


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Williams Furnace Company 3003 30,000 BTU Direct Vent Wall Furnace

For their ease of installation and promise of even, consistent heat, vented gas furnaces are popular heating options for both residential and commercial spaces. As with any major appliance, your vented gas heater requires routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure better safety and function throughout high Autumn and winter. Such a routine involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of the inside of the furnace, as well as testing and, if necessary, readjusting the burner flame.

General maintenance and upkeep should be conducted annually, at the start of each heating season. We recommend a professional be hired to perform these checks unless the homeowner is a highly skilled professional him/herself with experience in electrical, gas, or maintenance work.

Since the process is fairly involved and requires detailed knowledge of what to look for and consider, we at Total Home Supply have assembled a guide to the cleaning and maintenance of both direct-vent and b-vent gas heaters. The unit’s manual should still be considered before undertaking any maintenance routine, however, as guidelines and instructions of use may vary from unit to unit.

Reznor UDAP Series Vented Gas Heater Overview

Reznor is a long-trusted name in the business of heating, and now, with their new and improved UDAP series gas heaters, the promise of safe, efficient heat for your at-home garage space just became even better. Through improved thermal efficiency, easier installation, and a brand new look, Reznor UDAP series heaters make effective garage heating more accessible than ever before.

In this original Total Home Supply video, Mickey Luongo walks us through all of the features and benefits of the Reznor UDAP series 30,000 BTU heater. Please click here to find the product listing on our website, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, or for more information on this product. Our comprehnsive garage heater buying guide will also help to guide you thorugh the process of choosing the best heater for your space.

Photo Source: Reznor

Photo Source: Reznor