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12 Common Heater Problems & How to Fix Them

Discovering that your furnace or heater is not working makes for an unpleasant surprise — especially if it happens the dead of winter.

11 Common Heating Problems

Unfortunately, all heaters and furnaces need to be replaced eventually, but the good news is that some heating problems can be fixed without having to purchase a whole new system. We’ll highlight some of the most common heater problems and identify the best solutions to fix them, whether it’s repair or replacement.

Mini Split vs Central Air/Heat: Which is Right for You?

Mini Split vs Central Air/Heat: A Guide

Mini split systems and central HVAC systems often get mixed up, but there are a few big differences between the two. Understanding these differences will give you a better idea of which type of system to add to your home. And should you choose to go with a mini split system, you’ll want to study up on our free Multi Zone Mini Splits Buying Guide to find the perfect system for your needs.

Image of central air unit and mini split unit

The Benefits to Heating with Reznor UDAP Series Heaters

Life and work shouldn’t stop for below-freezing temperatures. Without a proper heater, however, cold air can cut right through the walls, making any living or work environment absolutely unbearable. This is true of any indoor space, but especially of warehouses and garages, where walls may not be as well insulated and large doors allow massive amounts of cold air to directly enter inside. For these kinds of spaces, you want a heater that is powerful enough to produce and circulate a sufficient amount of heat, as well as one that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, safe, and reliable enough to last through the years.

Reznor’s UDAP line of high-efficiency, gas-fired unit heaters is all of this, and we could go on all day about what a difference installing a Reznor heater in your warehouse or garage would make. For simplicity’s sake, however, here is a concise list of five features that make Reznor heaters a great choice for helping you through the winter months.


1. Highest efficiency in its class

UDAP heaters boast an 82-83% thermal efficiency, which represents the percentage of gas that is turned into usable heat. Wasting less gas means wasting less money as well as less natural resources, and the added efficiency allows for greater heat potential — Reznor heaters are capable of making indoor temperatures upwards of 60-degrees (F) warmer.

2. Suitable for both professional and residential use

Reznor UDAP heaters are certified for commercial/industrial heating application, as well as approved for use in residential garage/workshop heating applications. From professional warehouses to your personal garage, any Reznor heater will do.

3. Easy installation

These series of heaters hang from the ceiling, from either 2 or 4 suspension points or by an optional hanger kit. A factory installed gas line to the exterior of the cabinet allows for easy gas service connection, and a low voltage terminal strip on the outside of the cabinet makes connecting control wiring easy as well.

4. Engineered for safety

UDAP heaters are equipped with a multi-try direct spark ignition as opposed to an always-on pilot light, which decreases chances of accidental combustion significantly. These units also feature a full fan guard for added safety, and diagnostic indicator lights to allow you to address any issues that arise quickly and accurately.

5. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit virtually any space

Ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTU/hr, UDAP heaters are available in 14 different sizes to accommodate nearly any space in need of heating. From the largest warehouses to the smallest sheds, there is a Reznor unit available for you.


Reznor heaters are now available for purchase at TotalHomeSupply.com.