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Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Yard

It’s the middle of summer – all of the flowers are in bloom and you’ve been able to spend many days and nights so far enjoying the outdoors. While spending so much time in the yard is always a great thing, our perfectionism can often get the better of us, and we begin picking out all the things about our yard that can be improved on.

“Next year,” we think, “Next year I will finally get around to hiring a contractor or landscaper to get started on [project X], [project Y], and maybe even [project Z].” But why wait, and why not start projects X, Y, and Z on your own? There’s still half of the summer left to go, and now is just as good a time as any for some good old-fashioned home improvement.

We at Total Home Supply love a good Do-It-Yourself project, and think that any homeowner, regardless of DIY experience or skill level, should be able to fix up their own homes safely, easily, and at a low cost. Here are four of our favorite ideas to give the outside of your home a little face-lift – four quick and easy DIY projects to upgrade your yard.

Build Your Own Fire Pit in 6 Easy Steps

firepit1Ready to shed your bulky winter clothes and get back outside? Of course you are – we all are. There are many things to look forward to as the weather gets warmer, but by far one of the most exciting things is getting to enjoy a nice outdoor fire once again. We have previously written about different types of outdoor heating, including both gas and wood-burning fire pits, but as we have many avid DIY-ers on our staff, we wanted to take a week to encourage our followers to be a little adventurous. This week’s topic is a compilation of DIY advice from various members of our staff, all towards guiding you in the process of building your very own fire pit.