Top Rated Window Air Conditioners: Our Top 3 Picks

Summer’s on its way – is your home prepared to beat the heat?

Window unit air conditioners are among the most popular AC units chosen by homeowners and businesses alike, and with good reason – window air conditioners save space, are easy to install on your own, and come in such a range of makes and sizes that there is essentially a unit out there to suit just about any indoor space. Having so many options does have its downfalls, however, and it can be a taxing endeavor to sift through hundreds of different models to find exactly what you need. That is why we at Total Home Supply have decided to lighten the burden as best we can and have gone through all of the window AC units on our website for you, carefully selecting what we consider to be the best in class window air conditioners.shutterstock_53831815


GE AEM05LS Energy Star 5,450 BTU Window Unit Room Air Conditioner

FFRE0633Q1This 5,450 BTU air conditioner is perfect for cooling smaller spaces such as bedrooms or personal offices, and its lightweight and compact design makes for easy installation and handling.

Choice Features:

  • 24-Hour On/Off Delay Timer – For utmost efficiency and control over indoor cooling, the delay timer allows you to program this AC unit to turn on and shut off at certain times, to ensure the room is cool when you arrive home, but not over-cooled when you wake up in the morning.
  • Electronic Thermostat – For easy use and control over the unit and the temperature of your room.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified – Uses less energy than standard air conditioners, reducing your energy usage and ultimately lowering your utility bills.

This AC unit has quickly become a favorite product among our consumers and has even been rated #1 by a top consumer magazine.

energystarv2GE AEN12AS 11,800 BTU Window Unit Room Air Conditioner

AEN12ASGE products are usually the most energy-efficient items on the market, and this 11,800 BTU air conditioner is no exception. Particularly when you begin to encounter rooms large enough to need a higher BTU rating, energy efficient unit is extremely important to ensure that feeling cool and comfortable is not at the expense of the environment or your energy bill. See the complete listing here.

Choice Features:

  • High Energy-Efficiency Rating – According to the U.S. Department of Energy, consumers looking to cut drastically energy costs should look for AC units with an Energy-Efficiency Rating (EER) of at least 10. This unit boasts an EER of 11.3. Need we say more?
  • Energy Saver Feature – When the room reaches a certain temperature, the energy saver feature will temporarily shut off the unit, as to not over-cool the room or over-exert the air conditioner.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified – Uses less energy than standard air conditioners, reducing your energy usage and ultimately lowering your utility bills.

energystarv2Friedrich CP24G30A “Chill Series” 23500/23000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

CP24G30AMost people think that the bigger the room, the bigger the hassle it must be to keep the air cool and comfortable in the summertime. Enter Friedrich’s “Chill Series” line of window air conditioners, and Voila! Myth debunked. This 23500/23000 BTU air conditioner unit is built to take on the largest of indoor spaces, and does so while remaining surprisingly lightweight, quiet, and energy efficient. See the full listing here.

Choice Features:

  • Incredibly Lightweight and Easy to Handle – The Chill Series Window Air conditioners are up to 29% lighter than other leading air conditioner models, for high performance with a low-effort installation.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – This unit features auto air sweep swing louvers, which deliver consistent air distribution with very little noise.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified – Uses less energy than standard air conditioners, reducing your energy usage and ultimately lowering your utility bills.

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Still shopping around? Browse our entire selection of window unit air conditioners at, and be sure to check out our super helpful BTU calculator to figure out the right BTU rating for your space. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions!

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