Gas Fireplace and Log Set Brand Options

Gas fireplace brands and log set brands

Looking for that extra bit of warmth to add to your home? One such option that many homeowners choose is a gas fireplace with accompanying log sets.

These setups not only provide a cozy spot to curl up with your family, friends, and pooch, but also a way to make sure that every inch of your home is nice and toasty. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to gas fireplaces, with various features and styles to match your existing mantel.

Gas Fireplace Ideas & Styles

Different styles of gas fireplaces

Is your home prepared for the cooler weather?

As we round the corner on the colder months of the year, it is a great time to start thinking about heating your home. If you often find yourself wanting an extra bit of warmth during this time of year, a gas fireplace might be the perfect option.

Not only do gas fireplaces provide warm air and a cozy ambiance, they also come in many different styles so that you can compliment the decor of your home. Read on to find out more about why this might be an optimal way to add both flair and warmth to a space.

Guide to Vent Free Fireboxes

How to choose a vent free firebox

Ah, the fireplace.

For years, this cozy, crackling area has been a place to gather friends and loved ones to sit and chat while enjoying the warmth of a flickering flame.

However, some traditional gas fireplaces have their drawbacks –– from maintenance, to cleaning, and safety concerns.

One option to circumvent these concerns is a vent free firebox. These devices can fit into an existing masonry fireplace, or be installed on their own. With the ability to customize the look, and without vent requirements, a firebox might be the perfect choice for those looking for classic coziness without all the headache.

Warehouse Air Conditioners & Heaters

Best ways to heat and cool a warehouse

Owners and operators of warehouse spaces can all agree that temperature control is a big challenge. Why are warehouses so difficult to both cool and warm?

There are several challenges to temperature control in warehouse spaces. Among them include:

  • Tall ceilings
  • Large open spaces
  • Garage doors that frequently open and close, allowing air in from outside
  • Ventilation quality and/or cracks and drafts can affect the heating and cooling as well

Air Conditioning and Humidity

Air conditioner problems with humidity

Throughout the summer months, you rely on your air conditioner to cool your home, office, or workspace. It is a must in order to get through the high temperature days where a fan just won’t cut it.

But if one day you notice a musty odor, moist air, or foggy windows, you may have a problem. And the culprit is likely humidity.

While air conditioners already remove some water vapor from the air, that is not their main job. If humidity levels are excessive, you may be placing undue pressure on your air conditioning system, putting it at risk for damage or other issues.