A Guide to Mini Split Accessories

A guide to mini split accessories

For those who have bought a mini split air conditioner, you’re probably already pleased with its efficient and quiet ductless operation that consistently cools your home. For those thinking about purchasing a mini split soon, you have a lot to look forward to. In the beginning or over time, you may find that some additional accoutrements can enhance the performance of your unit.

Some mini split accessories are must haves, while others are simply nice add-ons. Here we’ll take a look at some of each so that you can better pick out what you may need.

What is a Package Unit?

What is a packaged unit?

Do you live in a city where price per square footage is costly? Or do you have a small home with little interior room to spare for major appliances?

When it comes to installing HVAC systems in locations where space is minimal, it can be tricky business. Most of the time you need to have plenty of floor space dedicated to the units that will be placed inside the home in addition to the outdoor ones. Packaged HVAC units help with this problem by streamlining this process into one primary unit –– saving you space while still delivering on your air conditioning (and/or heating) needs.

Is a Whole House Dehumidifier Worth It?

Are whole house dehumidifiers worth it?

As a homeowner, you are often confronted with many choices about installations, additions, or other adjustments to make to your home.

Sometimes problems arise that warrant a fix or replacement, but other times, personal needs or preferences can be the driving force behind making some minor or major changes to your home. But it can be tough to decide if it’s worth dumping the time, money, and energy to complete and maintain.

One such change that you might be considering is installing a whole house dehumidifier.

Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance

How to clean and maintain your AC

When summertime comes, being able to count on your air conditioner functioning well is a high priority. You need to know that the cool blast will be there for you on a sweltering, sweaty day.

Choosing the right air conditioner is the best first step that you can take to ensure that you have all the cool you need during the hottest months of the year. But once you’ve purchased an AC unit, there are more steps to take to maintain your air conditioner unit so that it keeps running at its best.

Guide to Heating Outdoor Spaces

Guide to heating outdoor spaces


You work hard to make the outside of your home look nice.

Whether it’s by creating a beautiful garden, installing lush landscaping, putting up decorative lighting, or keeping your porch, patio, or deck pristine, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your outside space is presentable and enjoyable to those who use it and pass by.