Gas Burners for Fireplaces

Gas fireplace burner guide

As the winter months turn colder, many homeowners are making sure their heating systems are in tip-top shape.

If you, like many these days, have a gas fireplace in your home (or are thinking about getting one), it may be time to shop for a gas log burner. Burners are installed in gas fireplaces to support the log sets and to power and control flames.

When it comes to choosing a gas log burner for your fireplace, it can be tough to know exactly what to look out for in comparing options.

Whole House Humidifiers – A Guide

Whole House Humidifier Pros and Cons

When you own a home, you are often confronted with many choices about different renovations, installations, or other changes and fixes that you might want to make.

While sometimes issues require a fix or replacement, in other cases, personal needs or preferences can drive some of the changes you would like to make to your home, big or small. A frequent question we get at Total Home Supply is whether or not it’s “worth it” to make various changes, such as installing a whole house humidifier.

Fireplace Glass – What is Fire Glass is How Does it Work?

All about fire glass

Fire and ice. That’s the image that drove the country towards the trend of fire glass. The ambiance that it puts off is more modern, as the flames appear to dance over the surface rather than engulf the hearth and consume the wood that fuels it.

Though classic clears and blues, such as icy topaz fire glass, are popular, there are several different colors (i.e. emerald, koi), each with their own ambiance and ability to match your décor.

Best Way To Heat Your Home

Home heating options

There are a lot of things that can (and do) drive up the cost of owning a home. When you’re in need of updating, fixing, or getting a new heating system, it can be one of those costly projects.

It’s important to understand everything about the heating system you buy so you can be sure it’s the best option for your home, all while keeping important pieces like budget and coverage area in mind.

How Does a Furnace Work?

How a furnace works

As we prepare for the upcoming winter months, it’s time to start thinking about keeping warm while we are outside and inside. You might already be upgrading your winter coat or grabbing some new gloves, but there might be one big factor you are forgetting: your furnace.

For homeowners, making sure that you not only have the right furnace in place but that you also understand how it functions is a must for winter preparation. A better understanding of the inner workings of your furnace can help you determine if things are functioning properly, or help you choose a new one for your home.