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2023 Dehumidifier Recall Alert: Everything You Need to Know

2023 Dehumidifier Recalls

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has just announced a recall of several dehumidifier models from different brands, due to a fire risk.

The dehumidifiers were first recalled in 2013, and later expanded in 2014 and 2016 to include more models. The most recent recall alert, issued on August 16, 2023, was spurred by several cases of fire-related deaths caused by the defective dehumidifiers in 2022.

Here is the complete list of dehumidifiers covered in the latest recall alert.

List of Recalled Dehumidifiers as of 2023

The list is arranged alphabetically by manufacturer. Some recalls for a particular brand cover all manufacturing dates of the affected dehumidifiers, while other brands cover only specific manufacturing dates. 

Recalled Danby dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
DDR301130-pintAll units
DDR30P30-pintAll units
DDR451145-pintAll units
DDR45P45-pintAll units
DDR651165-pintAll units
DDR65CHP65-pintAll units

Recalled De’Longhi / SuperClima dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
DDSE3030-pintAll units
DDSE4040-pintAll units
DG5050-pintAll units

Recalled Fedders dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
FEDH-MAH030-C1530-pintAll units
FEDH-MAH070-C1570-pintAll units

Fellini brand

Model numberCapacityDate code range
13-0603050-pintAll units
13-0603170-pintAll units

Recalled Frigidaire dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
FDB30R130-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDB50R150-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDB70R170-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDD25S125-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDF50S150-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDF70S170-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDL30R130-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDL50R150-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDL50S150-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDL70R170-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDL70S170-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDM30R130-pint01/07 through 09/08
FDR30S130-pint01/07 through 09/08

Recalled GE dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
ADEH50LN50 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADER30LN30 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADER40LN40 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADER50LN50 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADER65LN65 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADEW30LN30 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADEW50LN50 pint01/08 through 12/10
ADEW65LN65 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHH40LL40 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHH50LM50 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR30LL30 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR30LM30 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR40LL40 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR40LM40 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR50LL50 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR50LM50 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR65LL65 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHR65LM65 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHW30LM30 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHW50LM50 pint01/08 through 12/10
AHW65LM65 pint01/08 through 12/10

Recalled Gree dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
13-0609030-pintAll units
13-0609145-pintAll units
13-0609250-pintAll units
GDN40AH-A4EBB1A40-pintAll units
GDN45AH-A3EBB2A45-pintAll units
GDN50AF-A3EBA8A50-pintAll units
GDN50AF-A3EBA8B50-pintAll units
GDN70AF-A3EBA8A70-pintAll units
GDN70AF-A3EBB3A70-pintAll units
GDN70AI-A3EBB2A70-pintAll units
GDNE30AEBA1A8A30-pintAll units
GDNE40AEBA1A8A40-PintAll units
GDNE50AFBA1A8A50-pintAll units
GDNE65AFBA1A8A65-pintAll units

Recalled Kenmore dehumidifiers 

Model numberCapacityDate code range
407.5230121030-pint2012-04 through 2012-09
407.5250121050-pint2012-04 through 2012-09
407.5270121070-pint2012-04 through 2012-09
407.5270221070-pint2012-04 through 2012-08

Recalled Norpole dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
NPDH30PG30-pintAll units

Recalled Seabreeze dehumidifiers 

Model numberCapacityDate code range
DH450S50-pintAll units
DH470S70-pintAll units

Recalled SoleusAir dehumidifiers

Model numberCapacityDate code range
CFM-25E25-pintAll units
CFM-40E40-pintAll units
DP1-30-0330-pintAll units
DP1-40-0340-pintAll units
DP1-50-0350-pintAll units
DP1-50-03A50-pintAll units
DP1-70-0370-pintAll units
GL-DEH-30-130-pint1211 through 0612
GL-DEH-45-245-pint1211 through 0612
GL-DEH-50-2L250-pint1211 through 0612
GL-DEH-50-2Q250-pint1211 through 0612
GL-DEH-70-2S270-pint1211 through 0612
GL-DEH-70P-2S270-pint0112 through 0612
GM-DEH-30M-1L230-pint010512 through 061412
GM-DEH-30M-1R230-pint010512 through 061412
GM-DEH-45-145-pint122511 through 062112
GM-DEH-70-1S270-pint010512 through 062112
SG-DEH-25-425-pint032711 through 081712
SG-DEH-30-230-pint032711 through 050712
SG-DEH-30B-130-pint011210 through 041310
SG-DEH-30M-130-pint010210 through 071512
SG-DEH-30M-1A30-pint121510 through 111011
SG-DEH-30M-1L230-pint010510 through 071512
SG-DEH-30M-1R230-pint010510 through 071512
SG-DEH-45-145-pint010210 through 071512
SG-DEH-45-1A45-pint121510 through 111011
SG-DEH-45-245-pint032711 through 050712
SG-DEH-50-250-pint010712 through 010712
SG-DEH-70-170-pint010210 through 071512
SG-DEH-70-1A70-pint121510 through 111011
SG-DEH-70-270-pint032711 through 050712
SG-DEH-70-2S270-pint032711 through 050712

The recalled dehumidifiers were sold in the US and Canada, from Amazon, Home Depot, Kmart, Lowe’s, Menards, Mills Fleet Farm, Sam’s Club, Sears, Walmart and other stores.

Note that this recall is separate from another recall alert of Gree dehumidifiers that cover Kenmore, GE, SoleusAir, Seabreeze, and Norpole brands.

How to Determine if Your Dehumidifier is Included

Look at the back of your dehumidifier and search for the manufacturer’s label or sticker. The label will provide:

  • The brand or name of the manufacturer
  • The model number
  • The serial number

The brand and model will let you know if your specific dehumidifier model is part of the recall alert. 

If it is, provide the serial number to the manufacturer or CPSC to determine when it was manufactured (for brands where the recall only covers specific manufacturing dates).

What Happens if my Dehumidifier is Part of the Recall?

1. Immediately cease using the unit and unplug it from the wall.

2. Contact the manufacturer’s information listed in the back label.

3. You may also enter the dehumidifier’s details in the Gree dehumidifier recall page, or call the recall hotline at 1-866-853-2802.

4. Once you submit the details, the manufacturer will reach out to you with a return kit.

5. After the manufacturer receives the returned label, they will issue a refund. 

How to Return the Recalled Dehumidifier

According to the CPSC, the dehumidifier itself does not need to be returned. The only things that need to be returned are:

  • The name plate sticker
  • Cut-off power cord and plug 
  • The warning sticker from the power cord

Do not cut off the power cord until you receive the return kit. 

The dehumidifier itself will need to be disposed of by your local waste removal service. It should not be returned to the store where you purchased it.

Refund Information

The refund will be released once the company receives the return kit containing the name plate sticker, the cut-off power cord and plug, and the warning sticker from the power cord. 

According to the recall page, it can take between 2 to 6 weeks for the refund to be released after the company receives the return kit.

What are the Risks of Using a Recalled Dehumidifier?

According to the CPSC, there have been over 2,000 reported cases of overheating among the recalled dehumidifiers. These resulted in 450 home fire incidents, causing over $19 million in property damage.

In addition, it may have caused four fatalities between 2016 and 2022. We’ve also published a guide to the common causes of dehumidifier issues, to ensure that your dehumidifier is safe to use.

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