How to Choose an Air Cleaner for your Home

Most people consider spring to be the prime allergy season, and that’s true to a certain extent. However, the arrival of fall brings with it its own set of allergens. The resulting allergies can be exacerbated as people retreat indoors and breathe the same stale air, an effect that only gets compounded by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hanging Heaters Explained

You step out onto your veranda. Outside, the birds are chirping, children are playing, and the afternoon breeze ruffles the trees. You take a moment to enjoy the view.

However, after a few minutes the nippy air starts getting into your exposed hands and face. Instead of sitting pleasantly on your patio chair, you retreat back to the warmth  of the house.

“An outdoor heater sure would’ve been useful right now,” you sigh as you go back to the couch and immerse yourself in old reruns of Friends.

This is what hanging heaters are for.

5 Ways to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

Each summer sees an uptick in three things: soft drink sales, ice cream consumption, and utility bills.

To stay cool, millions of families lower the thermostat and raise the AC setting. This results in higher bills at the end of the season. In fact, one estimate says 1 in 3 people see their bills rise by 10% in summer.

To make matters worse, this effect can only go up with the coronavirus pandemic, as more people stay cooped up at home rather than going out freely to enjoy the summer. 

So to keep those dreaded bills down, here are five practical things you can do to reduce cooling costs without breaking into a sweat.

Keep It Cool: How to Maintain your AC in Summer

This year saw catastrophic heat domes in the Northwest, while other parts of the country experienced record-setting heat waves

As millions of Americans swelter under high temperatures, so too will millions of AC units be put to the test once again. Some units will break, others might groan and screech, and some will flat out refuse to work.

To make sure your AC does its job, here are seven tips to maintain your air conditioner throughout the summer season.

5 Common AC Issues in Summer, and How to Solve Them

As temperatures soar and the country experiences record-setting heat waves, millions of Americans turn to that one appliance that’s indispensable for summer: the air conditioner.

Whether it’s central cooling or a window unit, the humble AC makes it possible to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature despite the searing outside heat. However, what happens when your trusted AC unit breaks down?

Fret not. Here are the common problems that air conditioners experience during summer, and how you can fix them.