How to Clean Your Fireplace

As fall begins and winter nears, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and get the fireplace ready for the cold season once again.

No matter what kind of hearth you have at home, dust, soot and dirt accumulate year-round, and fireplace cleaning should be done just before the next burn season. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace is crucial for health, efficiency and cost savings.

And with people staying home longer due to the coronavirus pandemic, fireplace sanitation is more important than ever.

Air Conditioner Noise? Check Out These Quiet Air Conditioners

Noisy air conditioner

Imagine this: You’re taking the afternoon to do some chores around the house. In the midst of cleaning, you notice it’s a bit warm, so you decide to turn on the AC. Ahh — cold air at last!

However, your personal comfort is quickly interrupted by a nuisance: noise. As soon as the air kicks on, you’re greeted by a loud clanking sound that doesn’t let up. “Which is worse: the noise or the heat?” you wonder to yourself as you fight the urge to turn off the AC.

Noisy air conditioners are a common annoyance, but far too many people simply accept noise as a part of having an air conditioner.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the most common reasons for loud air conditioners, and solutions for how to reduce air conditioner noise. We will also highlight the best quiet air conditioner products on the market.

Ideal AC and Heat with Air Purification? It’s Possible with Panasonic nanoe™ X

The Panasonic nanoe X air conditioner from Total Home Supply.

When you think about heating and cooling your home or business, temperature might be the first thing that comes to mind. Depending on where you live, humidity control is probably a close second. What about indoor air quality? Whether you find yourself wishing you had a better way to manage dust buildup in your carpeting, or you are struggling with serious allergic reactions inside, indoor air quality is probably something you should be thinking about more often.

Types of Gas Logs for Fireplaces

Types of gas logs

There are two types of gas logs: vented and ventless. As the name suggests, vented gas logs vent to the outside of a home, while ventless gas logs do not require ventilation. Because of this, ventless are easier to install than vented.

Gas logs look and heat great, so what else is there to know? Turns out that choosing the right set is important, not only for maximum heat output benefits but also for cost efficiency, safety, appearance, and ease of use.