Heated Floor Costs & Considerations Before Purchasing

As winter begins to set in across the U.S., many people are thinking of different ways to stay warm this winter. One heating solution that may not cross your mind is radiant floor heating, which consists of electric heating mats that are installed in the floor of a home.

If you stop and think about it — what could be better? No need to wake up in the morning and brace yourself before tip-toeing across a frigid hardwood or tile floor.

But before you set your sights on underfloor heating, it’s important to understand some specifics. We’ll highlight the types of floor heating, heated floor costs, and also cover some reviews to help you find the best radiant floor heating mats for you.

About Floor Heating Mats

Image of Nuheat floor heating system

Radiant floor heating mats have electric wires built in and ready to go.

When it comes to heated floors, there are two options: electric radiant floor heat, and hydronic heat. While hydronic heat is meant to be used as a whole-home heating solution, radiant floor heat is ideal solely as a supplemental heat source. This is because electric heat is more expensive to run than other types of energy; therefore, radiant floor heat is impractical as a whole-home heating solution.

However, if you have a particularly chilly room or an unheated addition in your home, radiant floor heat may be a great option for you. Since heat rises from the ground up, radiant floor heat allows you to feel warm the moment you step foot on the ground. You’ll feel the heat instantly as you get out of bed, make coffee and go about your day — no more bundling up in socks or slippers just to stay comfortable.

Heated Floor Costs

As stated above, radiant floor heat is meant to be used only as a supplemental heat source, not as a whole-home heating solution. Once you’ve decided that you want to install radiant floor heat, you’ll want to be aware of some other expenses, including:

About Floor Heating Installation

Image of floor mat installation

Installing radiant floor heating can be done yourself.

Hiring someone to install your radiant floor heating mats is not only pricey, but also unnecessary. That’s because most of our floor heating products can be installed yourself. All you’ll need is an electrician to install the electrical lines, but everything else can be done on your own.

To install floor heating mats yourself, you’ll first need to measure the square footage of the area that needs to be heated. To calculate this, you’ll need to multiple the length by the width of the room. Be sure to exclude areas where your floor mats will not be installed, including underneath counters and furniture.

Once you’ve calculated the square footage of the room you need to heat, you can order the correct size of floor heating mats. Once they arrive, you’re ready to install your mats. Visit Nuheat’s website for specific step-by-step installation instructions.

Best Heated Floors/Systems

Image of Nuheat Floor Heating Mats

Nuheat radiant floor heating mats offer unparalleled quality and ease of use.

At Total Home Supply, we’re proud to supply Nuheat Floor Heating Systems as our heated floor brand of choice. Thanks to their easy-to-install, pre-built, and energy efficient designs, Nuheat electric floor heating mats are among the best floor heating mats on the market. They can be configured to be the perfect size for your needs — simply enter the length, width, and voltage you need and we’ll ship your mats to you right away.

If you have additional questions about our floor heating products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As always, we’re here to help you find a great product for your home.

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