How to Use Your LG Mini Split Remote Control

LG mini split  air conditioners offer a wide variety of operating features all controlled by the easy to use handheld remote control. This quick video will give you the background you need to use your remote to its fullest.

The remote is the same across most LG mini splits and allows you to control the mode, temperature, fan speed and more. Using the included mounting bracket you can use the remote like a thermostat or just make sure that you never lose it.

Have you lost your remote control and need a new one? We are an Authorized LG Part Distributor and can help you replace it. Simply contact us at 877-847-0050 and one of our trained sales professionals will help you find the remote that matches your system.

Mickey Luongo

Mickey is the resident heating and air conditioning expert.


  • I have a 12000 btu mini split installed in a 780 sq ft house , one level. Why is it that my remote is set to 28 , the unit runs for 9 hrs straight, but room temp can’t get any higher than 17 ? Outside temp is only 0 degrees celcius ?

  • I just installed an LG single zone mini split. The temperature setting can’t go below 60 degrees, but I want the cabin at 50 degrees when I am not there. What is the solution? The LH setting doesn’t seem to do anything. Thanks in advance for the response.

  • My ductless Smart Inverter AC cannot get the temp below 80 degrees during a heat wave. I argued with the sales technician I needed a larger unit but he INSISTED this was the correct one. Recently had them out to check the unit, they said it’s working fine. But my house is sweltering even though the unit runs around the clock.

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