Air Conditioning For Hospitals & Assisted Living Centers: A Guide

Deciding which AC unit is best for your hospital or assisted living center doesn’t have to be tricky.

While there are a lot of factors to keep in mind — such as ease of use, convenience, accessibility, and the comfort of individuals residing within — knowing your options will give you the most comfort for your money and can go a long way towards improving life for employees and patients alike. Not only is it essential to have proper temperature regulation for comfort purposes, but it is also important to restrict airflow between certain departments.

One of the major things to keep in mind is hospital regulations concerning which units are allowed. Microbiological transmission via AC/heat units is a real factor in determining what’s allowed versus what’s not, and proper heat and cooling methods are important in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Systems like typical central heating — where air is forced upwards through ductwork — are not ideal, as more cross-contamination can occur and odor prevention is almost non-existent.

Mini Split Heating to Warm Your Home

Image of mini split with heat pump

How do you heat your home?

If you are like many people, you have a central HVAC forced air system tasked with temperature control throughout the different rooms of your house. However, that is not always the best nor the only option available to you –– one alternative you might consider is the mini split with heat system.

Frequent readers of the Total Home Supply blog know that we highly recommend ductless mini split systems for both cooling and heating needs for homeowners looking to change up or supplement their home’s current system. There are many advantages to mini split heating systems, among them include flexibility (no need for ductwork), energy savings (high efficiency) and targeted zones ( often used to heat or cool one or two rooms but can heat any room the system is extended into).

Almost all split systems include heat pumps, but it’s important to choose a ductless heat pump that is rated to work in your climate. Mini split heat pumps are highly energy efficient — more so than standard electric heat and gas in many instances. Read on to learn more about their advantages, and things to keep in mind when purchasing a ductless mini split heater.

A Guide to Air Conditioning Units for Apartments

If you’re a property owner and considering installing apartment AC units, you’ve come to the right place for information. Finding an air conditioner for apartments can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help you navigate the process. Read on to learn more about the different factors you should consider when shopping for air conditioning units for apartments, then explore the options that are available to you.

PTAC vs Mini Split – Which is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you’ve probably conducted some research on the various types of AC units out there. Two popular options you may have stumbled upon are PTAC units and mini split systems.

Before you make a decision on any air conditioning system, it’s essential to understand some key features of PTAC and mini split systems to ensure your purchase is the best one for your situation. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of both PTAC and mini split air conditioners to help you decide which one is right for you.

A Guide to Our Most Energy Efficient Heaters

Cold weather makes it tempting to crank up the heat at home. Unfortunately, blasting the furnace all season long comes with its drawbacks — namely cost and energy usage.

If the thought of covering yourself up in every sweater and blanket you own all winter long sounds unappealing, then you may want to consider upgrading to an energy efficient heater. Contrary to popular belief, heaters can indeed be efficient — you just have to know what to look for when shopping for a heater for your home.