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Amana PTAC Diagnostic Mode: How to Do a Run Test

amana ptac diagnostic mode

In the commercial cooling industry, Amana’s PTAC units are renowned for their reliability. Amana PTACs are installed in thousands of hotel rooms, dorms and residential buildings.

But just like any air conditioner, PTACs can sometimes have issues. When this happens, a run test is a good way to ensure whether every part of your PTAC is working properly.

In this guide, we discuss what the run test process is, and how to start the Amana PTAC diagnostic mode. This process works on all Amana units that have a digital control panel including the E and G series. If your unit does not have a control panel or has knob style controls, this method will not work.

What is a Run Test?

A run test is a procedure where the Amana PTAC goes through all the cooling, heating, and fan functions in a programmed order. This allows issues to be diagnosed and isolated, so you know which part needs to be fixed or replaced.

The run test is covered in the Amana PTAC manual. It is also called the Amana PTAC diagnostic mode.

The Amana Diagnostic Mode Process

During this period, your Amana PTAC will test the following functions:

  • Low Fan Mode
  • High Fan Mode
  • Compressor Engage
  • All lights turn on
  • Low heat mode
  • High heat mode
  • Off

During the whole process, the display will show two dashes ( – – ) instead of the room temperature. In some models, there may also be a green light in the bottom left corner of the touchpad or control panel.

How to Start the Diagnostic Mode

  1. Make sure that the PTAC unit is plugged in, but not powered on.
  1. Press and hold the UP and DOWN arrows (↑ + ↓) at the same time.
  1. While holding down both buttons, press the HEAT button 2x.
  1. After a few seconds, the number 88 should appear on the display. This indicates that the run test has been activated.
  1. The run test will take a few minutes. During this time, the display will show two dash lines (- -) instead of the room temperature. 
  1. At the end of the test, it will either show an error code or the same dash lines.
  • If it displays an error code, this means the system has detected a fault that needs to be fixed.
  • If the dashes remain, it means the system was unable to find any issues.

Note that just because there are no error codes, it doesn’t mean that the PTAC is fault-free. If the issue persists, you may have to call an AC technician.

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