How Does a Mini Split Work?

When it comes to finding the right way to cool a room or your home, you may have visions of lugging a window unit out of the home supply store, turning on six different fans, cranking up the central air system, or even cracking open a window and hoping that a breeze will come in.

Indeed, when the weather is hot, we depend on our cooling systems to make sure that we stay comfortable even in the midst of intense heat.

One option you may want to consider in your cooling hunt is a mini split, or ductless air conditioner. You may find that it’s a quieter, and more efficient alternative that can keep you cool whenever you need it.

What is a mini split?

In a nutshell, a mini split AC unit does the same thing as a traditional AC unit: it cools your home. The big difference between the two is that mini split air conditioners manage to do so without ducts (why you might also hear them referred to as ductless air conditioners).

Mini split units are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common advantages cited are their efficiency and quiet operation.

Because mini splits are ductless machines, they reduce a large amount of energy that is often lost through leaks and cracks in duct systems. For this same reason, mini splits work much more quietly since they are not blowing air through ducts all over a room or home.

How do ductless mini splits work?

So then, how do mini split units actually operate?

Most simply put, mini splits are comprised of two parts: an indoor unit and outside unit. The indoor unit blows the warm air from your home over cold evaporator coils. Inside the coils is refrigerant, which absorbs that heat from the air, and runs it to the outside unit. By way of a compressor, the refrigerant then dumps the heat pulled from your home’s air. The resulting cold air is blown right back into the room.

This system differs significantly from a conventional central air conditioner, which usually works with one air handler, evaporator coil, and blower. Then, a complex duct system delivers air into each room of a building from a single point of origin.

Difference between single and multi zone mini splits

But how do ductless air conditioners work when you need to cool an entire home and not just one room? For that option, we can shift the focus from single zone mini splits to multi zone, or multi split units.

As the name suggests, multi zone mini splits can occupy a number of different rooms or areas within a home. In a multi zone system, several indoor units all hook up to a single outdoor unit. The cooling process overall remains the same.

Depending on the size of your cooling needs (which you can calculate and compare here), you might opt for one over the other.

A few top mini split products to check out

If you are thinking that a mini split air conditioner sounds like the perfect fit for you, you are already in the right place to find one. Total Home Supply carries a variety of mini split units available for purchase.

LG Art Cool Premier Single Zone Heat Pump Mini Split

Image of LG LA120HYV1 mini split
The LG LA120HYV1 mini split

From a brand you trust, this single zone mini split unit can cool a 525-square foot room. Its dehumidifying mode controls humidity by shutting down a compressor before the room is over-cooled. Plus, it can also be used for heating purposes as well when the weather gets cold –– working even when temperatures get as low as 5° Fahrenheit.

Daikin Single Zone System

Image of Daikin FTX12NMVJU / RX12NMVJU
The Daikin FTX12NMVJU / RX12NMVJU single zone mini split

If you’re looking for versatility, this multi split unit might be just the way to go. It operates as both a heating and cooling system, and has a space-saving, modern design that could be placed in almost any location.

LG Configurable Quad-Zone Multi F Mini-Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

Image of the LG LMU300HHV mini split
The LG LMU300HHV mini split inverter

Time to bring out the big guns! This mini split system can connect to up to four indoor units, giving you maximum control over several zones you would like to heat or cool in your home. Its LGRED° Heat Technology can heat when outdoor temperatures are as low as -13°F, and even uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

Find the mini split that is right for you

There’s no doubt that mini split air conditioner and heating units are growing in popularity, as they offer a quieter, more efficient system that does not require the use of ducts to deliver air to different rooms. Depending on your needs, you may find that a single zone multi split is most appealing, or you might opt for a multi zone setup for your entire home.

Whatever you end up choosing, Total Home Supply has you covered. Check out the mini split units available on our site, and upgrade your cooling system before the dog days of summer arrive.

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