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Tiny House Heating and Air Conditioning

Tips on heating and cooling a tiny home

Forget thinking big. These days, when it comes to homes, many people are thinking small. Tiny, in fact.

If you haven’t heard about tiny homes, they are becoming increasingly popular as a minimalistic, and cost efficient way to purchase a home. Generally speaking, tiny homes are between 500 and 1,000 square feet in size. They are often very simple in design and are perfect for one or two people.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a tiny home, there are different options when it comes to figuring out how to heat and cool it so as to maximize your comfort all year round in your compact space.

Here we will take a look at some of the best ways to heat and cool your tiny home.

How to heat a tiny home

Before you get started planning out how to heat your tiny home, you may first want to consider where your house will be located. Since tiny houses are available on wheels, some residents opt to take them along on journeys cross country.

But if you plan to park your tiny home in one place, or have a stationary tiny home, that may affect what kind of heating system you should go after. (Winters in Florida and Colorado are not created equal.)

Many traditional heating systems are far too powerful and would quickly overheat your tiny home. However, there are still many feasible options you might consider to get the right level of warmth.

Mini split system

For tiny homes, mini split systems might be the perfect option, as they can provide both heating and cooling capabilities in a compact setup, which is perfect if you are low on extra room. Mini splits are energy efficient, unobtrusive, and don’t require ductwork or extensive installation. These systems are available for single or multiple zones, so you can better control the temperature in different spots. In most cases, a single zone would be what’s needed for a smaller home.

While mini splits may not be the cheapest option for heating your tiny home, they may be the most efficient and effective choice in the long run.

Electric heaters

If you have easy access to electricity in your tiny home, getting a small electric heater may be the easiest option. Often times these are wall heaters that will help keep your system out of the way, which can be very important in small spaces or rooms.

Space heaters

Even in small spaces, sometimes you might find that there are spots that are just a bit colder than others. In these instances, getting a small space heater could work for heating those specific areas.

These heaters are often compact, cheap, and effective at heating a small spaces, but are not the best fit for heating the entire tiny home nor are they a long-term solution.

Gas or Electric Fireplaces

Just because you have a tiny home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fireplace!

In case you are looking for some extra heat in your tiny home, gas or electric fireplaces can be a viable option. While you may not want to rely on these as your primary form of heating your home, they can be a great way to add some toastiness to your tiny home in the wintertime.

Wood burning stove

One concern that some tiny homeowners have is what they will do if the power goes out. Be prepared for any situation by having a stove ready that you can load up and get cozy with the old-fashioned way. It’s never a bad idea to have a back-up!

How to cool a tiny home

Now that we’ve covered some of the best options for heating, let’s take a look at some choices for tiny house air conditioning and cooling.

Mini split system

We said it above, but it bears repeating: mini split systems are ultra convenient in that they offer cooling capabilities alongside heating ones, and their compact design make them ideal for small spaces throughout the year.

Window Air Conditioner

Much like the window units, you would use for a small room or apartment, window air conditioners make a great, reliable option for cooling your tiny house.

They are a great combination of cost-effective and efficient and don’t take up additional space in your living area. Depending on the size of your tiny home, you may find that you need to purchase multiple units in order to cool the entire space.

You may also look into a window air conditioner with heat for year-round climate control.

Wall Air Conditioner

Similarly, mounted wall air conditioners can be a solid choice too, as they provide cooling capabilities without sacrificing space. Since they run through the wall, they may require a bit more extensive installation at the outset, though.

Other Cooling Options

When all else fails, sometimes you can go old school to cool your tiny house. If it gets cool enough at night, you might consider using some oscillating fans, or simply even opening the windows to get some fresh air. If it gets fairly warm where you are, this may not be a long-term solution but could work during certain times of the year.

Find the Best Solution to Heat and Cool Your Tiny Home

When it comes to making your small home cozy with heat or AC, there are many options at your disposal. Depending on your location, size, budget, and heating and cooling preferences, various devices are available that you can use, but may have some trade-offs associated with their functionality and cost.

The cheapest options of electric space heaters and window units may work for you, but you may find they are inefficient and may run up your energy usage over time. Similarly, options like fireplaces and fans may not be consistent enough to be able to be counted on as primary sources of heating and cooling.

Our vote for the best way to heat and cool your tiny home? A mini split system. With its dual versatility, and its compact and duct-free design, it is often the ideal choice for getting everything you need for tiny home temperature control all in one.

You can view our top pick for a mini split system to use here.

Here are a couple of other great choices for tiny home heat:

Here are a couple of other top choices for tiny house air conditioners:

Ultimately though, the choice is yours. Here at Total Home Supply, we have a wide selection of units to choose from that can successfully heat and cool your tiny home, wherever it may be.

Check out our selection, and get right down to keeping your tiny house cozy and cool.

Mickey Luongo

Mickey is the resident heating and air conditioning expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

3 thoughts on “Tiny House Heating and Air Conditioning”

  1. Nanna Tanier says:

    Hi Mickey,

    I am an art teacher trying to teach 6th graders about how to think about and draw a tiny home. I am confused about HVAC systems: I thought they were a combination of heating and AC: is this not true? I cannot find dimensions for the combined unit.
    BTW, at 64, I am thinking about building a tiny retirement home for myself, and these 6th grade students are so super excited about this project, they may be future clients when they are of age! Any help would be appreciated, as well as pricing. Thank you!

  2. Steve Brown says:

    HVAC: Heating, ventilation, and control. Mini-splits provide BOTH heat and cold, however. Generally, AC is a separate furnace add-on. . .

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