Gas Fireplace with Mantel: 2022 Buying Guide

Gas fireplaces are a great supplemental heating choice in the winter. They require none of the intensive cleaning of wood-burning fireplaces, and eliminate smoke byproducts that can be harmful to health.

A gas fireplace mantel allows the unit to blend tastefully with the room and evoke the look of a traditional fireplace with none of the risks and cleaning hassle.

What is a Gas Fireplace with Mantel?

Gas fireplaces use gas as the sole source of fuel to provide heating. This makes them safer by producing none of the smoke byproducts of a wood fireplace. It also makes them more convenient to use, since they do not require extensive cleaning of soot and creosote buildup.  They either vents waste gasses to the outside through a tube in the wall rather than up a chimney (for vent models), or emit minimal gas (for ventless models).

A gas fireplace with mantel is meant to seamlessly blend into the home by either being built into the wall, or designed with a tasteful surround. The idea is to make the gas fireplace look like a traditional fireplace, thanks to the mantel, and other features like gas logs.


The 3 Types of Gas Fireplaces with Mantels

There are four different types of gas fireplaces with mantels. Each design differs based on location, mobility or use.

The standard wall mantel

As the name suggests, this type of gas fireplace is designed to be placed flat against the wall, so it looks like a traditional fireplace. 

The corner mantel

This design is meant for corner placement. It is ideal for homes with limited spaces, since it doesn’t take up much wall space and maximizes the floor plan. Most corner gas fireplaces are installed in small family rooms or bedrooms. Some also come with accessories, allowing them to be converted from a corner unit to a standard wall mantel as needed.

The ventless fireplace mantel

A ventless or vent-free firebox requires no venting. This makes installation much easier since it dispenses with outside connections, requiring only a gas line. However, such models are not permitted in some states like California, as well as certain zones like HUD housing.


How to Choose a Gas Fireplace with Mantel


Gas fireplaces are categorized into four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. A small gas fireplace is good for up to 500 sq. ft., a medium can service between 500 to 1,000 sq. ft, a large 1,000 to 2,200 sq. ft., and the extra-large gas fireplace over 2,200+ sq. ft. These figures are based on an average single-story house with an open floor plan in a moderate climate.


For a traditional fireplace look, the standard wall mantel works for most homes. However, it requires a clear wall space. For homes with limited spaces, the corner mantel may be a better option to maximize the space, and certain models can be converted to wall mantel later on. Finally, a ventless gas fireplace mantel works for homes without an outside exhaust connection and where vent-free fireboxes are allowed.


The location also dictates the dimensions of the mantel. You’ll need to determine the maximum width and depth allowable in the installation area, to make sure the fireplace fits in the space. 


Once you’ve determined the size and type, you need to make sure the mantel blends tastefully with the room and surrounding furniture. Mantels come in a huge variety of choices, from traditional wood, stone and brick to brushed metal and even marble. The possibilities are limited only by the surrounding decor and of course, your budget.


Recommended Gas Fireplace with Mantel Models for 2022


Standard wall cabinet mantels

White Mountain Hearth EMBF1SDO 32″ Standard Mantel in Dark Oak

Constructed of 3/4 inch furniture-grade cabinetry and select hardwood veneers, this is a fitting show place for your Breckenridge Deluxe and Vail Premium 32″ Vent Free Firebox. It also fits White Mountain Hearth Fireplaces without modifications. The standard mantel cabinet fits flat against a wall and of course offers a flat upper mantel to display photographs and other household items.

This mantel features a built-in base and is constructed of fine-furniture grade MDF for ultimate durability, so you can enjoy the aesthetic and practicality of your mantel for years to come. All components are finished at the same time, by the same craftsman using the same batch of finish.

Monessen WSHGC36F-DC-A 36″ Birch Standard Wall Cabinet Mantel with Hearth – Dark Cherry

The Dark Cherry finish on this beautiful birch cabinet is sure to add warmth and charm to any living space. The standard wall cabinet is built to accept several Monessen fireboxes including LCUF36, GCUF36, and GRUF36. It is constructed of solid wood and hand crafted recessed panels. The side panels include carved column-like panels that emphasize its classic style. 

This wooden mantel cabinet is also available in Oak and finished in a warm Honey Oak (WSHGC36F-O-A).

Corner mantel

White Mountain Hearth EMBC1S 32″ Corner Mantel

This corner mantel lets you frame your fire and provides a space for your own personal touches without taking up extra wall space. You can choose from a gorgeous Cherry, Dark Oak or Oak hand rubbed finish, all of which are a more durable and uniform finish than a painted-on one. 

It features a built-in base and is constructed of fine-furniture grade MDF for ultimate durability, so you can enjoy the aesthetic and practicality of your mantel for years to come. The corner mantel shown above consists of Stainless Steel Mission Arch Doors, Louvers and extended hood, black door frame and Aged Brick Liner (all sold separately).

Full package ventless fireplace with mantel

White Mountain Hearth VFD26FM30 Vail 26″ Special Edition Vent Free Fireplace System with Mantel

This complete package includes the firebox, Flint Hill logset with 20,000 BTU Vent Free Contour Burner with millivolt control, and the mantel! All you need is a gas line, and a mantel footprint that is 17″ deep by 45″ wide – ideal for tight spaces and smaller rooms. It comes in two color choices (Cherry or White) and natural gas or liquid propane versions.

The package is furnished in a black frame, hood and louvers. Available optional accessories include a Variable Speed Blower (FBB4), Hammered Pewter Trim pieces (frame, trim and louvers) and a Banded Brick Liner. Additionally, a wall thermostat, remote control or thermostat remote control are also available and sold separately.

With this convenient package, the only thing you need to decide is the fuel choice and mantel color!

White Mountain Hearth VFD26FM30 Vail 26
White Mountain Hearth VFD26FM30 Vail 26" Special Edition Vent Free Fireplace System with Mantel

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