How to do a Manual Reset on an Amana PTAC Unit

Amana packaged terminal air conditioner units are known for their reliability, but as with any product, things can go wrong. If you are ever having trouble with an Amana PTAC a quick reset might be the easiest way to fix the problem. The manual reset process with clear any settings that you have changed and return everything back to the factory default.


Amana PTC153G50AXXX 15000 BTU Class PTAC Air Conditioner - 30 Amp
Amana PTC153G50AXXX 15000 BTU Class PTAC Air Conditioner – 30 Amp

Follow these simple steps to manually reset your Amana PTAC unit:

  1. Make sure the unit is plugged in.
  2. Carefully lift off the front plastic cover by lifting up and pulling toward you.
  3. Turn off the master power switch under the control panel. Leave off for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Push and hold both the heat and cool buttons
  5. While holding the buttons, turn the master switch back on.
  6. When the red light appears next to the off button, the system has been successfully reset.
  7. Place the front plastic cover back onto the unit and enjoy!

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How to Setup Temperature Limiting on Amana PTACs

Amana offers a wide range of features on their PTAC units for both homeowners, commercial property managers, and hotels. Temperature limiting is used to mask the maximum temperature that a PTAC can be set to. This feature can save you money by allowing someone to set the unit as high or low as they want while the real limit is masked. Preenving overheating and overcooling can represent a large cost savings for property owners. This quick guide and video will show you how to make this easy change.